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Our Impact

Making a positive difference in our community, protecting the environment, and preserving cultural heritage.

Image by Gautam Krishnan


Trees and Mountains


Image by Anaïs MURITH


Community Impact

We actively participate in and support a variety of local organizations to strengthen and uplift our community.


Our partnerships with United Way and Feeding Chittenden are at the heart of our community initiatives.

Through our collaboration with United Way, we contribute to a wide range of programs aimed at improving education, financial stability, and health for local residents.

In partnership with Feeding Chittenden, we are dedicated to fighting hunger and food insecurity in the Green Mountain State. Our efforts help ensure that families and individuals facing difficult times have access to nutritious meals and support services.

We believe that by working together, we can make a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of those around us.

Environmental Impact

We are dedicated to environmental stewardship through the use of sustainable and organic fabrics and textiles.


Our products are carefully selected to minimize environmental impact, featuring materials that are eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and produced with minimal carbon footprint. We prioritize organic fabrics that support sustainable farming practices, reducing chemical usage and promoting soil health. Additionally, our range includes textiles made from recycled and renewable resources, such as recycled plastics and sustainably harvested plant materials, fostering a circular economy.

By offering sustainable and organic options, Joy of Home contributes to a healthier planet and empowers our customers to make eco-friendly choices.

Preservation Impact

We cherish the preservation of cultural heritage and personal history by saving and restoring used furniture.


Each piece tells a story, and our skilled upholster refurbishes these items to maintain their original character while enhancing their beauty and functionality. By giving old furniture a new life, we help families keep cherished memories alive and promote sustainability by reducing waste.

At Joy of Home, our preservation efforts honor the past, celebrate family memories, and support a sustainable future.

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