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Why Joy of Home?

Your local guide to unique fabrics and home decor.

__ Years of Experience

Joy of Home is a delightful, local shop and a journey through colors, patterns and textures. We invite you to wander through the racks of fabrics, explore the thoughtfully made home accessories, and lose yourself in the possibilities for your home.


Our years of design experience are at your disposal to create the custom furnishings that you've been imagining.

Alisa portrait_edited.jpg
Alisa portrait_edited.jpg

Complete Your Room

We offer the elements that complete a room and introduce joy into your space.

We help you recover old furniture, add custom pillows and cushions, adorn windows with drapes, shades and valances, and design table and bed linens that are just the way you want them. We believe that our homes should bring us joy - whatever that means to you and however you envision it.

Community & Sustainability

We select products that empower individuals, strengthen communities, and minimize environmental impact.


We prioritize items with recycled or organic components, handmade by fair-wage artisans, or made locally in Vermont.


We support our community by donating to local organizations, creating decor from fabric remnants, and reducing plastic use and waste.

Alisa portrait_edited.jpg
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